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People with diabetes have situations where they are not able to provide the necessary information about themselves and their disease to medical professionals. And not only their health, but also their life may depend on it. Also today there is no systematization of their examinations and treatments. Our team has developed a program to help people in this situation. Allowing to identify a person and his diagnosis in case of temporary incapacity. An electronic map has been created where all the examinations, blood glucose readings are made, followed by automatic plotting for the selected period, and treatment by doctors of all specialties. The possibility of obtaining information and communication with doctors involved in diabetes and its complications.


The patient or his relatives apply to the Diabetorium. Our employees contact the applicant, send a questionnaire and a contract to work with us. After providing the data, choosing the type of program, signing the contract and payment, an individual QR code is formed, put on the silicone bracelet and sent to the applicant. An individual electronic patient record is also created.


  • Formation of an electronic database with the required patient data
  • Creating an electronic patient record
  • Generation of an individual QR code and putting it on a silicone bracelet
  • Blood glucose readings statistics
  • Access to the base of the doctors of Diabetorium
  • Making a bracelet
    2 cu
    at the NBU rate
  • License fee
    1 cu
    per year at the NBU rate

Payment can be made in two ways:

via Privat24 mobile app

  1. Log in to your application Privat24
  2. Click on the icon
  3. Scan the QR code below
  4. Enter your personal account in "Purpose" ("Payment")
  5. Select a card, enter the amount and make payment

Download application Privat24

by details in any bank or terminal

CB "PrivatBank"

checking account 26002050330594

MFO 305299

USREOU 42795658

Purpose of payment: your personal account


For applications e-mail: info@diabetorium.com

Group: Facebook